Episode 54 with Daron K. Roberts- How to transition into a career you love

Let his pivot from Harvard Law to NFL coach inspire your transition

Daron K. Roberts is a former NFL coach and author of  Amazon best seller, “Call an Audible.”  After graduating from Harvard Law School, Roberts made a head-scratching transition to NFL coach.  He held coaching stints with the Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, West Virginia Mountaineers and Cleveland Browns. 

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Currently, Roberts serves as founding director of the Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation (CSLi) at the University of TexasThe Center is the first university-based institute dedicated to developing leadership and character curricula for high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Through the Center, Roberts teaches a course – A Gameplan for Winning at Life– to incoming freshmen student-athletes. In January of 2018, the Center received the commitment and financial support of NBA AllStar, Kevin Durant.


  • Why Daron decided to transition into a NFL coaching career after graduating from Harvard Law
  • How he overcomes the fear of rejection- “the starting point is always no.”
  • The meaning of no struggle no progress
  • What motivated Daron to write “Call an Audible” – “If someone is going to write 15 to 20 pages on me, it needs to be me.”
  • Daron shares 3 tips for writing an Amazon best selling book
  • What holds most would be writers back from publishing a book- “We don’t want to share with other people.”
  • The biggest lesson Daron learned from Detroit Lion great, Calvin Johnson
  • Daron’s advice to college student- athletes, “diversify your portfolio.”
  • How to transition out of a job you hate and into a career you love
  • Benefits of listening to podcasts
  • The number 1 question Daron would love to ask Muhammad Ali
  • and more


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