Episode 38: Dream big but dream smart with chef and entrepreneur, Royston Souvenir

The co-founder of Planted Organics shares his recipe for launching a business from scratch

Welcome back squad!  Today’s main character is  Royston Souvenir.   Royston is a chef, entrepreneur and one half of Planted Organics. He believes that everyone should have access to healthy, minimally processed food. Gaining valuable knowledge and insight into food through working at various NYC restaurants, Royston turned his passion into a product for everyone. Planted Organics was launched in September 2016 with a mission is to bring everyone closer to salad perfection, through concentrated dressings and marinades made with no salt, gluten, or preservatives.

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Episode 32: Engineering your Greatness with STEM educator Dr. Nehemiah Mabry

STEMedia founder, Dr. Nehemiah Mabry discusses STEM education, entrepreneurship, and building win-win relationships.



Today’s high achiever is Dr. Nehemiah James Mabry.  Nehemiah is a structural engineer, educator and entrepreneur based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His engineering experience includes over 8 years of research at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and, most recently he works as a Bridge Design Engineer at Simpson Engineers & Associates in Cary, N.C.  In 2012, while attending North Carolina State University as a graduate student, he founded STEMedia Incorporated.

STEMedia, a digital media company that provides creative inspiration and educational content for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) community. Since its inception, Dr. Mabry has won national awards, engaged audiences through public speaking, rendered guest lectures and partnered with several organizations, businesses and academic institutions in STEM outreach.
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hr executive-joey-price-hiring- tips

Episode 31: Think twice before you Hire your next employee- HR Executive and CEO Joey Price shares hiring best practices

 Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart: HR LLC, warns startups not to make these hiring mistakes

Today’s high achiever is  Joey Price.   An award-winning Human Resource executive, business coach, thought leader, and professor, Joey is the founder of Jumpstart: HR, LLC, an HR consulting practice specifically for small businesses and startups, and host of Business, Life, and Coffee, a weekly personal and professional development podcast.

Joey is a recent SHRM Top 30 Under 30 award winner, one of Forbes Magazine’s Kevin Kruse’s Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts in the World, and frequently cited HR and Startup Thought Leader in publications such as Forbes, HR Magazine, Inc., Businessweek, AMEX Open Forum, Money Magazine, and more. He is also a #SouthwestStoryteller – an official Social Media Ambassador for Southwest Airlines.
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Episode 24: Discover how working out is just like running a business with Matt Phelps

“If you don’t have passion don’t even think about getting on the box”   

– Matt Phelps

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Matt Phelps,  (@metabolicmatt)

As the founder of Metabolic Meltdown in 2008, Matt has assisted thousands of clients in their quest to lose weight, gain energy, and build strength. With fitness as his lifelong passion, Matt has a relentless drive to improve, an intense training style, and an authentic concern for his clients (particularly those who went to his alma mater, Siena College), all of which make him one of the top trainers in the Capital Region. Clients at the gym have a “love-hate” relationship with Matt, as many of them hate him during the workout, and love the way he makes them feel when they are done!

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Episode 23: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online with Ryan Hanley

“I want good people to win”   – Ryan Hanley

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Ryan Hanley,  (@ryanhanley_com)

As Chief Marketing Officer of Agency Nation, an insurance-centric digital media company, Ryan leverages his eight years as a retail insurance agent to educate and engage more than 300,000 insurance professionals annually. With more than a dozen Fortune 1000 insurance companies as clients, he uses social and content marketing to attract, nurture and deliver consumer attention to over 20,000 independent insurance agencies across the US, yielding millions in new business premium each year. Ryan shares his unique industry experience and expertise on YouTube, in “The Show.”

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Episode 22: Entrepreneurship and Fantasy Football advice with Andy Holloway

“Sometimes we got to say no to good things so we can do great things ”   – Andy Holloway

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Andy Holloway,  (@andyholloway)

Andy is the co-host of The Fantasy Footballers podcast.   The Fantasy Footballers podcast is an award-winning independent fantasy football podcast that records and produces fantasy football content all year long. The show is focused on producing and developing content that is highly accurate, highly entertaining, and of a high production quality.

The show debuted in 2014 and is hosted by Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright. As three longtime friends and former tech/gaming professionals, they saw a need for a fresh take in the fantasy football universe, so they hiked up their trousers, combed their beards, and went to work.

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Episode 19: Live an Experiential Life with Jason Arcemont

“If you’re not obsessed, you’re not going to win.” – Jason Arcemont

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Jason Arcemont,  (@jasonarcemont)

A Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Endurance Runner,  BBVA Compass small business ambassador, and more, Jason Arcemont is undoubtedly a dynamic individual. Setting goals and crushing them seems to not only be a common quest for him but what he thrives for. He truly evokes what it is to live an “experiential life”; a principle he speaks about so often.

As the founder of several Inc. 500 companies, Jason has developed the recipe for building powerful organizations. Both in terms of revenue growth and corporate culture alike. With a combined staff of nearly 100 employees, Jason has shown that his passion for leadership is not only present but extremely effective as well.

Jason’s athletic and philanthropic endeavors have proven to be of similar merit. In October 2014, he ran  a record-breaking 859 miles across Texas, all in effort to raise awareness and money to combat human trafficking and child sex slavery. Over 30 marathons in 30 days, Jason did the unthinkable and proved mind over matter, just as he does in his professional career as well.

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Episode 13: Making time for what’s important with US Marine Corps Veteran, Anthony Guadagnino

‘If you can hit a target of 500 meters, you can cut that straight and perfect  ” – Anthony Guadagnino

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Anthony Guadagnino (@veteranmadeny). 

guads headshot

Anthony (aka Guads) is a United States Marine Corps OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) Veteran and current US Army SFC (Sergeant First Class) whose gone from defending the flag to building them, as owner and lead carpenter of Veteran Made Woodworks.

Anthony is full of passion, and non-stop energy. 

Bonus coverage:  Want to know about our chance encounter? Of course you do.  Click here or the audio link above.  Here’s a hint, it involved cigars and the Repshaver.

During this wide ranging conversation,  we discussed:

  • How a simple D.I.Y. project served as a springboard to his business
  • Why he wanted to be a Marine
  • Best advise he’s received from mentors
  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Making time for what’s important
  • How previous life experiences and jobs have helped him as a business owner
  • The meaning behind each flag
  • Learning on the go
  • And so much more…

I’m saddened to share of the sudden passing of “Gus.” However, I’m glad I was able to capture a few moments of embrace between him and Anthony.  Gus will be forever cherished by the Guadagnino family.

Please Enjoy!

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Episodes 08 & 09: Jason Panda, CEO and founder of B Condoms

(Part 1)

(Part 2)


“I was on the forced Jenny Craig Plan. You go to bed early and wake up late in order to avoid eating.” -Jason Panda 

In this powerful addition of “Tell Your Story,” I caught up with Jason Panda, CEO and founder of B Condoms. Jason and I first met freshman year (1997) while attending Boston University. However, after one year of taking the “T” up and down Commonwealth Ave, we both decided to move on from the university.  I transferred to Northeastern University after BU dropped the football program (more on this another time), and Jason transferred to Morehouse College; eventually graduating with a bachelors degree in biology . The Brockton Mass native went on to earn a law degree from Georgetown despite knowing early on that law was not the career path for him.

Through social media, I’ve been able to keep tabs on Jason throughout the years.  Admittedly, when I reached out to Jason to discuss the idea of telling his story, I thought the narrative would center around his decision to leave law to start his own condom company. Think about that for a second. A successful attorney making great money decides to leave corporate law to start a condom business makes for a pretty interesting story.  However, the journey of overcoming multiple failures, and lost partnerships is what makes Jason’s story both compelling and inspirational.

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