Episode 48: Make the Connection with LinkedIn Locksmith Robert “YB” Youngblood


Robert T. “YB” Youngblood is the Founder and Chief Connecting Officer of YBConnects, LLC, a Richmond, VA based Strategic Relationship & Referral Marketing Firm that helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals to enhance their confidence, credibility, and visibility which leads to increased brand awareness, referrals and revenue.

For over 15 years ‘YB’  has focused his energy on building long-term relationships. He has a unique way of helping people to decrease frustration when it comes to attracting opportunities. His positive attitude enhances his ability to help his clients to overcome challenges in the area of Communication, Leadership & Networking.

 YB holds a bachelor degree in business administration from Virginia Union University. He was born and raised in the Bronx, NY, and now resides in Richmond, VA with his wife and two daughters. In his time off, he loves to travel to warm places with palm trees.

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Episode 32: Engineering your Greatness with STEM educator Dr. Nehemiah Mabry

STEMedia founder, Dr. Nehemiah Mabry discusses STEM education, entrepreneurship, and building win-win relationships.



Today’s high achiever is Dr. Nehemiah James Mabry.  Nehemiah is a structural engineer, educator and entrepreneur based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His engineering experience includes over 8 years of research at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and, most recently he works as a Bridge Design Engineer at Simpson Engineers & Associates in Cary, N.C.  In 2012, while attending North Carolina State University as a graduate student, he founded STEMedia Incorporated.

STEMedia, a digital media company that provides creative inspiration and educational content for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) community. Since its inception, Dr. Mabry has won national awards, engaged audiences through public speaking, rendered guest lectures and partnered with several organizations, businesses and academic institutions in STEM outreach.
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hr executive-joey-price-hiring- tips

Episode 31: Think twice before you Hire your next employee- HR Executive and CEO Joey Price shares hiring best practices

 Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart: HR LLC, warns startups not to make these hiring mistakes

Today’s high achiever is  Joey Price.   An award-winning Human Resource executive, business coach, thought leader, and professor, Joey is the founder of Jumpstart: HR, LLC, an HR consulting practice specifically for small businesses and startups, and host of Business, Life, and Coffee, a weekly personal and professional development podcast.

Joey is a recent SHRM Top 30 Under 30 award winner, one of Forbes Magazine’s Kevin Kruse’s Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts in the World, and frequently cited HR and Startup Thought Leader in publications such as Forbes, HR Magazine, Inc., Businessweek, AMEX Open Forum, Money Magazine, and more. He is also a #SouthwestStoryteller – an official Social Media Ambassador for Southwest Airlines.
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Episode 14: Entrepreneurship is a mindset and can’t be taught, with Greg Henzel

  “I wasn’t willing to trade my time wholesale to someone who would then retail it out.”  -Greg Henzel

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Greg Henzel, aka The Saving Swami (@savingswami). 

A serial entrepreneur and ultimate hustler, Greg has always had a passion for building businesses from the ground up.  As Saving Swami, helping businesses and families save money is a top priority.  All businesses, large and small, can benefit from The Saving Swami’s negotiating expertise and complementary wise counsel. While at the bargaining table lowering your monthly invoices, the Swami will make sure there are no errors or mistakes made by your vendors.

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