Episode 55 – Go all in on yourself with personal trainer and entrepreneur, Adam Badger

Adam Badger owns and operates Badger Strength, a Personal Training and Corporate Wellness business in Upstate NY.


Episode 24: Discover how working out is just like running a business with Matt Phelps

“If you don’t have passion don’t even think about getting on the box”   

– Matt Phelps

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Matt Phelps,  (@metabolicmatt)

As the founder of Metabolic Meltdown in 2008, Matt has assisted thousands of clients in their quest to lose weight, gain energy, and build strength. With fitness as his lifelong passion, Matt has a relentless drive to improve, an intense training style, and an authentic concern for his clients (particularly those who went to his alma mater, Siena College), all of which make him one of the top trainers in the Capital Region. Clients at the gym have a “love-hate” relationship with Matt, as many of them hate him during the workout, and love the way he makes them feel when they are done!

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How I lost 50 pounds and gained a new outlook on life


You’ve probably seen some of my Instagram posts with the hashtag #getonthebox. I’ve been asked what this means by lots of people and so, I thought it would be good to spend the first blog post of “Tell Your Story” talking to you guys about what it means to #getonthebox.

After years playing football for Northeastern and Boston Universities, I let my health get away from me. Over the course of about ten years I went from a fit 225 pounds to a heavy 290. During that time, I found it difficult to motivate myself to improve.

Once I got married to Rachel, I tried to be the best version of myself. That resolve redoubled when my daughter Melina was born in 2013. I wanted to be the best husband and father I could be for them so I focused much of my attention on them while neglecting my health. Finally, in March of 2015 I decided to invest in my health and joined a gym called Metabolic Meltdown. As a result, I lost 50 pounds over the course of a year.  Not only was I able to shave weight, I was also able to start living a healthier lifestyle and got an entirely new perspective on what it means to be me. I decided to #getonthebox.

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