Episode 11: How to overcome mental strongholds that hold you back with Kayode Enwerem

“The way I was living wasn’t the way.”- Kayode Enwerem

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Kayode Enwerem(@kayodeenwerem). 

Growing up, Kayode lived a life that most would envy. He had a loving family, a bevy of friends, and could always be seen wearing the latest fashion of his native Nigeria. At the age of 14, all of that changed when Kayode and his family moved to Hyattsville, Maryland. He and his family had to start from the beginning, rebuilding their lives.

Adjusting to a new culture was hard for Kayode and he quickly went from being popular at school to having no friends. Enduring the mocking of his peers, Kayode  sought comfort in music. It was through music that Kayode  was able to express himself and find his voice. Truly believing that the lyrics of his favorite rappers were representing the life they were leading, Kayode sought to emulate his role models. He began trying to live a life his favorite rappers spoke about and soon made friends with the wrong crowd.

After a life changing experience in 2008, Kayode made a vow to God that if he were given a second chance he would use his talent to glorify God. He wanted to create music with a positive message, giving listeners an alternative that he did not have and influencing them to do the right thing. God answered his prayers and he has kept his promise.

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