Episode 43: Trust Your Journey with Courtland Bragg

Substitute teacher turned Emmy award winner talks about living a life worth bragging about

Courtland Bragg is an Emmy-Award Winning Associate Producer for NFL Films and Multimedia Journalist for Guru Blue Productions.  He has directed, produced and edited content for shows airing on ESPN, Amazon Video and NFL Network as well as covered athletes such as Olympic Gold Medalist, Jordan Burroughs and Hip Hop Humanitarian, Mont Brown. 

Courtland is also an inspirational speaker who’s message aims to inspire others to live a life worth bragging about. 

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Episode 42: Take massive action on your big dreams Croix Sather

Dream Big Act Big!



The media calls him “Marathon Man” because of his astonishing accomplishments. Croix went from a non-runner to a Run Across America in just one year. The next year he broke the world record running 146 miles though Death Valley, the harshest and hottest environment on the planet.

 It’s not about the run or the world record. It is about what is you can accomplish when you own your greatness. Croix is an internationally celebrated author and inspirational speaker in the field of personal and business transformation and the psychology of success. 

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Episode 41: How to go from prototype to proof of concept with Team VKTRY Vice President, Matt Kramer

Team VKTRY executive shares how VK sports insoles increase explosiveness by 9.3%

Matt Kramer, engineer turned entrepreneur took his carbon fiber knowledge from helicopter design to insoles and helped outfit over 150 NCAA & Pro teams in an energy-returning insole. Proven to make you run faster (+9.3%), jump higher (1.6”) and protect from injury, Team VKTRY insoles are changing the sports world. 

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Episode 40: How Matt Scarchilli developed a winning process in his personal and business life

Today’s main character is Matt Scarchilli.  Matt is a proven entrepreneur.  His experiences starting, acquiring and selling companies gives him a broader lens to look through when evaluating situations and working with clients.  Matt’s sales success over the last 20 years has put him in a position to now be able to share those experiences to help other companies grow and flourish.  Matt is a student of human nature and the sales process giving him new ways to connect and communicate with people.

Matt is the owner and CEO of Sandler Training Systems of the Greater Capital District which delivers sales, customer service and management training to companies of all sizes across all verticals.

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Episode 39: In search of one yes with millennial globetrotter and innovator, Dujon Smith

The travel enthusiast and innovator shares how traveling the world has shaped his outlook on life. 

Welcome back squad!  Today’s main character is travel enthusiast and innovator, Dujon C. Smith.  Dujon has been able to travel, work, and study in 48 countries, allowing him to develop strong intercultural communication and leadership skills. His unique and diverse experiences in the U.S and abroad have provided him with a detailed knowledge of a variety of business cultures.

Dujon is a Boren Scholar, member of the Scenemaker’s Board of the Goodman Theater, and active mentor in Chicago’s startup community. He is passionate about travel, technology and education, and his dream is to inspire others to expose themselves to new people, places and cultures. Currently, Dujon is an innovator working as a growth catalyst for Accenture.Read More »

Episode 38: Dream big but dream smart with chef and entrepreneur, Royston Souvenir

The co-founder of Planted Organics shares his recipe for launching a business from scratch

Welcome back squad!  Today’s main character is  Royston Souvenir.   Royston is a chef, entrepreneur and one half of Planted Organics. He believes that everyone should have access to healthy, minimally processed food. Gaining valuable knowledge and insight into food through working at various NYC restaurants, Royston turned his passion into a product for everyone. Planted Organics was launched in September 2016 with a mission is to bring everyone closer to salad perfection, through concentrated dressings and marinades made with no salt, gluten, or preservatives.

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Episode 37: Coach Rey Crossman- How student athletes can commit to the process

Skidmore College assistant basketball coach shares how student athletes can make the jump from high school to college athletics

Welcome back squad!  Today’s main character is coach Rey Crossman.  The 2017-2018 season marked coach Crossman’s third year as the assistant men’s basketball coach at Skidmore College.  The Albany, New York native has a career focus centered around the success and development of young men as individuals, scholars, and basketball players. What he deems most important is leaving a lasting positive impact in the community by sharing his knowledge with those who can use it.  Read More »


Episode 36: Connecting the dots with Stephen Mackey

The founder and CEO of 2Words Character Development shares an empowering, and inspiring message to audiences of all backgrounds

Welcome back squad!  Today’s main character is Stephen Mackey. The founder and CEO of  2Words Character Development, Mackey has spent the last 10 years helping students and leaders connect the dots between sports and the game of life. Bi-racial and born to a teenaged mother, Mackey beat the odds to become a first-generation college graduate, seminary trained-pastor, teacher, entrepreneur, and highly sought after communicator.
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Episode 35: First Love Yourself with athlete turned entrepreneur, Evan Odeseye


Today’s main character is  Evan Odeseye.  Born in Staten Island, New York to a single mother, Evan’s upbringing instilled in him a hustler’s ambition that has served him well personally and professionally.  A diversely intelligent, creative-minded entrepreneur, Evan is  dedicated to building the lifestyle he envisions for himself and those around him.  While competing as division 1 scholarship athlete, Evan earned two bachelor degrees of science in business marketing, and business management from Wagner College.  His time as a collegiate athlete not only nurtured his passion for football, but it revealed to him the business side of sports.  As CEO and founder of Unrestricted Sports and Entertainment Management, and First Love Yourself,  Evan  works to create strong marketing programs for professional athletes on and off the filed.

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Episode 34: How to build your Startup Brand with Richard Taylor

The Harrison Blake Apparel founder shares tips on building a brand from scratch

Today’s main character is  Richard  Taylor.  Richard (aka RL) is an award-winning author, business branding coach, podcast host and founder of Harrison Blake Apparel. The brand offers men’s neckties, accessories and monthly subscription clubs that help men look polished.His background in Manufacturing and Business Administration play a role in putting systems in place for success. Passionate about paying it forward, he has begun helping others reach their entrepreneurial goals as well.

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