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Episode 27: Moments of reckoning- Leadership, Education, and Accountability with Shenendehowa Superintendent, Oliver Robinson

In celebration of Black History month, Get on the Box is pleased to present Black Excellence: Sharing the stories of High Achievers.” In this month long series, GOTB will publish two episodes per week (Wednesday and Sunday)  highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of nine African American High Achievers.

“I get to mold minds and shape the futures of young people and influence generations to come. ” – Dr. L. Oliver Robinson

Welcome back storytellers!  Today’s High Achiever, is Dr. L. Oliver Robinson, (@OliverRobinso13

A staunch believer in equity and equal access to education for all children, Dr. L. Oliver Robinson serves as the Superintendent of Schools for the Shenendehowa Central School District since July of 2005. Prior to coming to Shen, he served as the Superintendent of the Mohonasen CSD. His recognition as the 2013 New York Superintendent of the Year speaks to his unwavering belief in the transcending and transforming power of a quality education.  

Dr. Robinson is the author of a recently published book, Naked in the Public Eye – Leading and Learning in an Era of Accountability. The book provides a practical road map to success and illuminates the mental and emotional fortitude needed in leadership positions. The tone and format are framed to contextualize the complex challenges faced by educational leaders in an era of heightened focus on accountability. 

Dr. Robinson received his Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Business Economics, and Organizational Behavior & Management from Brown University. He received a Master’s degree from the University at Albany, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.), also from the University at Albany. He has been the Assistant Superintendent for Business (Mohonasen), School Business Official (Berne-Knox-Westerlo), and adjunct professor at the University at Albany, the College of St. Rose, and currently teaching a course in the doctoral program for the Sage Colleges.

Viewing himself as a leader for learning, Dr. Robinson is a steadfast advocate for children and educational achievement, he focuses his leadership on fostering a school system that brings out the genius in every child.


  • Why education matters
  • How the pursuit of higher education is transcendent
  • How to transform challenges into opportunities
  • How playing teams sports helps achieve synergy at the workplace
  • The biggest misconceptions of running a school district
  • How time-blocking and scheduling can help maintain balance
  • The difference between Kronos and Kairos time
  • How to instill belief and confidence in students
  • The benefits of understanding the value of your time
  • The skills, qualities, and traits of an highly effective leader
  • How to respond to and overcome self doubt 
  • What the number one lesson we all should teach our children
  • How working out allows Oliver to give more to others
  • Why you should carve out a courvoisier moment everyday
  • How to build an effective team
  • Why you should consider a career in education
  • What Oliver is looking for in an educator
  • and so much more


“Neither of my parents went beyond sixth grade of formal school.

“There were others who believed in me more than I believed in myself.

“Just because its hard doesn’t make it impossible.

“When we stop learning, that’s when we truly we stop living.

“I show up for life!



Naked in the Public Eye – Leading and Learning in an Era of Accountability, by Dr. L. Oliver Robinson

Macedonia Baptist Church– Rev. Leonard D. Comithier

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