Hey Storytellers! My name is Kito Delgado, and I’m proud the founder and host of Get on the Box. Above everything, I’m a husband to my wife Rachel, and father to our four year old daughter Melina.   The three of us live in Niskayuna, NY and we’re joined by our fun loving dog, Rocky.

By day, I’m a seasoned sales professional  who helps organizations  improve their payroll and labor management processes.   I  add value to by delivering time saving solutions that ultimately lead to a reduction of labor waste, ensure tax compliance, and improve employee retention.  l welcome the opportunity to work with employer groups of all sizes, but I find the greatest reward in assisting small businesses owners. These entrepreneurs typically operate with limited resources,  and its very humbling when they turn to me and our talented team to be a trusted resource to them and their employees.

Prior to entering the sales arena, I spent my college career playing football for both Boston and Northeastern Universities. Once I graduated and my playing days ended, I found myself struggling to stay healthy and exercise.

After reaching my breaking point in March of 2015, I decided to make my health and wellness a priority.  I’ve made meaningful changes concerning my health, which led to significant weight loss.  And in the process of losing weight, I gained a new outlook on life.

My passion in life lies in inspiring others to find the same outlook that I have. I want you to “get on the box” and push yourselves towards bigger and better goals. By sharing my story, and more importantly, the the stories of others, I hope to motivate you and people of all ages to tell theirs. I particularly want to inspire athletes that they can keep progressing even after the last buzzer.

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