Episode 59 – Kenneth Graham is on a mission to serve others

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Educator, Community Advocate, and Entrepreneur shares how his mother taught him the gift of service.



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I started asking God, what  are the gifts that I have so that I can help people?


Kenneth Graham, M.A. is a Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Educator, Community Advocate, and established Entrepreneur. Kenny Graham, as he is better known, continues to be exceptional within his line of work, inspiring and impacting others through his creative style and empowering messages. His words continue to impact thousands of people in various countries throughout the planet! Through social media and his unique teaching style, “Kenny Graham” is making a mark that no one will be able to erase! 

Drawing from his own personal experiences as they relate to an autism diagnosis that caused the lack of proper development from his local school system, the absence of his biological father, scholastic struggles, and various other obstacles, Kenneth allows himself to become an “open book” for everyone who listens and applies his dynamic and inspiring messages that relate to many people from numerous walks of life.

Failure is a great teacher if you let it be.

Though the adversities and challenges continued to rise, Kenneth managed to overcome and conquer them. For most, this would signal the end. However, for Kenneth, it was inspiration for a prominent future. Upon graduating from Withrow University High School, Kenneth successfully pursued a Bachelor’s Degree from Wright State University.  In 2016, Kenneth successfully completed and received a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science.

Success is an inside job!

Kenneth is the epitome of advocacy, excellence, determination, and someone who is willing to help others achieve ongoing success. Hundreds have also been able to apply the insight revealed in his best-selling book, “Discovering and Activating Your Inside Potential” which continues to change lives. His sophomore release, Go Get Your Life: Taking Charge and Walking in Your Prescribed Destiny, is embodied with fundamental principles and is meeting with great success. 

People are not intentional with the time they already have.


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