Episode 10: How to optimize your LinkedIn profile with Donna Serdula

“This is a need and I’ve got to fill it.” -Donna Serdula

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Donna Serdula (@donnaserdula)

With half a billion users and over 10 million active job postings, LinkedIn is a great platform to build your personal brand and tell your professional story.

In 2009, Donna utilized her 15 years of professional sales and marketing experience to launch Vision Board Mediaa Social Media, Executive Branding, and Internet Marketing consulting firm dedicated to assisting individuals and small businesses in establishing a powerful presence on the Internets.

Donna pioneered the concept of LinkedIn profile optimization, and is the author of the book LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies, published by Wiley. Since 2009, Donna has helped executives, entrepreneurs, sales stars, business leaders, and professionals from around the world create professionally branded LinkedIn profiles.

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I had a great time catching up with Donna and we covered a lot, including:

  • Donna’s LinkedIn epiphany
  • Donna’s “get on the box” moment
  • Common mistakes made by LinkedIn users
  • Tips for telling your professional story
  • How to improve as a writer
  • How to be a content curator
  • How to curate valuable content
  • When should high school students consider LinkedIn
  • How to grow your network
  • Donna and I share our bold predictions for LinkedIn
  • Microsoft’s $ 26.2 billion purchase of LinkedIn
  • And much more…


“He’s googling me.

“This is not a place for your resume.  This is a place for your brand message. This is where you tell your story.

“I would wake up in the morning, have a bowl of cereal, and write 20 profiles.

“People love it when you share.

“When you showcase your best, you attract the best.


LinkedIn is not a place to cut and paste your resume

When building a LinkedIn profile:

  • Ask “WHY am I on LinkedIn
  • Write a profile specific towards YOUR goal
  • Don’t write to everyone Ask WHO is your target audience

The time is now for high school students join LinkedIn in order to start building and shaping their network.  Students that do so will stand out from their peers.

The entire organization benefits from having employees showcased on LinkedIn



Websites: Visionboardmedia.com |  LinkedIn-Makeover.com | Readysetyou.com

LinkedIn: Donna Serdula

Twitter:  @Donnaserdula


LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies, by Donna Serdula

LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile, by Donna Serdula

Free LinkedIn Resources


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