Episode 15: Helping millennials skyrocket to success with Jonathan Jones

‘I’m living on purpose, living to empower and inspire students and millennials” – Jonathan Jones

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Jonathan Jones (@jonathanjonesspeaks). 

Millennials are easily the most scrutinized and misunderstood generation of my lifetime. Often labeled as entitled, self adsorbed, and lazy,   Jonathan is out to shatter these notions by living on purpose. He’s on a mission to empower and inspire students and millennials with his weekly “Process to success series,” keynote presentations, and student development sessions. Truly on a mission to help millennials and students achieve success, Jonathon wrote Process, 14 Surprisingly Simple Behaviors to Skyrocket Millennials to Success

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jonathan Jones is the youngest of two boys. Always encouraged by his loving parents to reach for the stars, Jonathan attended Richland College and played for the men’s 2009 Junior College National Championship basketball team while earning an Associate Degree. Jonathan has always had the heart to serve others but especially wants to facilitate youth to pursue a better tomorrow.

In the pursuit of positivity, Jonathan founded the No Complain Campaign in 2014, which provides daily motivation and inspires others to be grateful. The platform bloomed from his sincere heart and love for youth.

Expanding his ambition to help others maximize their God-given gifts, Jonathan earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Tyler and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in marital and family therapy at Southern Methodist University.

Although Jonathan was not always as optimistic as he is these days, positivity is something he learned while working at less than ideal jobs and not always making the best decisions. Through these tough lessons, Jonathan was able to find his way, and now he influences and inspires youth and millennials everywhere!

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During this inspirational and uplifting conversation, Jonathan and I discussed:

  • Why he enjoys working with millennials
  • Misconceptions of millennials
  • The importance of establishing a process for how you govern yourself
  • The time his boss said, “Johnathan, your attitude sucks,” and how he responded.
  • The birth of the “no complain campaign.”
  • The pain of an untold story
  • The meaning of Process
  • Doing the work while you’re waiting
  • And so much more…

Please Enjoy!


“Students and millennials have my heart without a doubt.

‘”Research shows that millennials are one of the most educated generations. Research shows that millennials are one of the most passionate generations.

“We can create the future that we want to see.

“Your attitude, it sucks!

“Is there any truth to what she’s saying? 

“We share our story so we can free someone else.

‘I was a victim of underestimating my own story.

“We collaborated, and then we made magic happen.

“When you’re negative, that’s when you smush your own potential. 


  • The heart of a millennial is often their most overlooked trait.
  • We all receive feedback that we may not like, however, if we truly want to grow, we need to be honest in our self reflection.
  • We can all combat negativity by being positive and grateful for what we have.
  • We all have previous life experiences others (especially those who haven’t experienced them yet) can learn from.
  • All successful people are willing to do the work while waiting for their opportunity (working in the dark). 



Dr. Fred Jones (@drfredjones) is the worlds only “Worthologist.”  He helps visionary women, writers, high achievers, ministers, coaches, speakers, and families… WRITE THEIR WORTH, PUBLISH THEIR STORY AND BECOME BESTSELLING AUTHORS!

The Motive Podcast  (@motivepodcast) is a podcast dedicated to millennials making strides on the ever evolving road to success. Check out the interview Jonathan did with Clarissa (DJ Dawn), Kayla (So Kayla), DJSo4kis, and Dennis (DJ Waukee) CLICK HERE


Process: 14 Surprisingly Simple Behaviors to Skyrocket Millennials to Success, by Jonathan Jones

PARENTS, add this to your Christmas shopping list.   This is a must read for our young adults.  Let’s support Jonathan and help our youth (and young adults) develop lifelong processes that will help them achieve great success. 



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