Episode 14: Entrepreneurship is a mindset and can’t be taught, with Greg Henzel

  “I wasn’t willing to trade my time wholesale to someone who would then retail it out.”  -Greg Henzel

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Greg Henzel, aka The Saving Swami (@savingswami). 

A serial entrepreneur and ultimate hustler, Greg has always had a passion for building businesses from the ground up.  As Saving Swami, helping businesses and families save money is a top priority.  All businesses, large and small, can benefit from The Saving Swami’s negotiating expertise and complementary wise counsel. While at the bargaining table lowering your monthly invoices, the Swami will make sure there are no errors or mistakes made by your vendors.

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I enjoyed chatting with Greg, we covered a lot of ground, including:

  • His definition of entrepreneurship
  • Identifying the right mentor
  • Having an all-in mentality
  • Importance of failing forward
  • The entrepreneurial mindset
  • Doing business vs talking business
  • How a car accident started the Saving Swami
  • And so much more…


“I really don’t believe you can teach entrepreneurship.

“When you get that person, you literally should duct tape yourself to them, and ask them every question you can possibly ask them.

“I’m hoping when I wake up everyday,  I literally hope that I only know right now, ten percent of what I will eventually know when you put me six feet under.

“It’s so trendy now to say you’re an entrepreneur.

“You should be proud of your failures, if you learn from them.

“We made a $4,700 mistake. 

“They’re not going out of their way to uncover their own mistakes unless they get caught.


  • Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle that requires you to have a “do whatever it takes” mindset.
  • Learn from your mentors and then get to work.
  • Talking about business is not the same as doing business.
  • We learn more from our failures than we do our successes.



Check out Greg’s weekly blog,  Swami Sez to learn money saving tips.


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