Episode 13: Making time for what’s important with US Marine Corps Veteran, Anthony Guadagnino

‘If you can hit a target of 500 meters, you can cut that straight and perfect  ” – Anthony Guadagnino

Welcome back Story Tellers! Today’s main character is Anthony Guadagnino (@veteranmadeny). 

guads headshot

Anthony (aka Guads) is a United States Marine Corps OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) Veteran and current US Army SFC (Sergeant First Class) whose gone from defending the flag to building them, as owner and lead carpenter of Veteran Made Woodworks.

Anthony is full of passion, and non-stop energy. 

Bonus coverage:  Want to know about our chance encounter? Of course you do.  Click here or the audio link above.  Here’s a hint, it involved cigars and the Repshaver.

During this wide ranging conversation,  we discussed:

  • How a simple D.I.Y. project served as a springboard to his business
  • Why he wanted to be a Marine
  • Best advise he’s received from mentors
  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Making time for what’s important
  • How previous life experiences and jobs have helped him as a business owner
  • The meaning behind each flag
  • Learning on the go
  • And so much more…

I’m saddened to share of the sudden passing of “Gus.” However, I’m glad I was able to capture a few moments of embrace between him and Anthony.  Gus will be forever cherished by the Guadagnino family.

Please Enjoy!


“Earned, never given.

“I wanted to be part of an elite fighting force and just go out there and blow stuff up.

‘It’s gotta be different, its gotta be exceptional.

“My first business plan was awful.

“I’m working for free, but this is mine.

“There’s gotta be a better way.

“It gets easier if you stop growing, if you stop innovating.

“I don’t want a machine making my product. 



  • Follow your passion, not the money.
  • Invest in yourself, and your business, even if it means working for FREE.
  • Running a business only gets “easier” once you stop learning,  growing, and innovating.  
  • When building a business, give serious thought to what makes your product and services unique? What makes your business standout? What makes you a purple cow?
  • We all are given the same amount of time to reach our goals.  A big part of your ability to accomplish them lies in your ability to prioritize what’s important.
  • Be persistent and stay the course.  You can’t improve upon a process without first starting it.
  • Running a business includes learning all aspects of it; even the not so fun stuff like accounting and tracking inventory.




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Purple Cow, by Seth Godin


“I say just sleep a little faster”- Arnold Schwarznegger

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, that’s when you’ll be successful.” – ET the Hip Hop Preacher


I shot this episode using an iPhone 7 plus, and BENRO Handheld Tripod 3 in 1 Self-portrait Monopod  .  I edited the footage (roughly 90 minutes worth) using Splice by GoPro, and then uploaded the final edition to my YouTube channel. I know, its Easy as 1-2-3 (not really). In the future, I hope to conduct more in-person interviews, especially with business owners throughout the Capital Region. It’ll be nice to highlight them and their place of business the same way I did above. However,  I don’t want to do so on my camera phone.  It’s tedious, takes up a ton of room on my phone, and takes forever to upload.  I’m officially on the hunt for a camera, a boom-microphone, and any other piece of camera accessory that would help produce a quality interview.  Any suggestions? If so, comment below.  Please and thank you!! Of course, I’m always willing to collaborate with individuals who have an interest in recording and/or editing these interviews.  


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