Episode 53: Armando Hart- Turning failure into forward movement

“Ignore the voice in your head that wants to keep you comfortable.” – Armando Hart

Armando grew up in Long Beach California as first generation Mexican American in a low-income and high-crime environment.  After suffering a traumatic leg injury in 1996 that kept him sidelined at the Olympic games, The Hart Method training philosophy was created. Armando’s road to recovery made him aware of the connection between physical movement, environment, life, and the possibility to maximize performance on all those levels. Now as a world class trainer, speaker, and mentor, Armando’s work is to remove layers of social conditioning through movement for athletes of all levels and all individuals .


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Episode 52: How to prosper through adversity with Castell J.R. Barnes

As a Proud Dad, 2x Best-Selling Author, National Inspirational Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur, Castell J.R. Barnes takes pride in upholding his slogan “Prosper, The Elite Way,” through sonic relief and literary promise. With client work in 5 countries and all throughout the United States, Barnes looks to continue his entrepreneurial mission of innovation + financial empowerment + philanthropy! 

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Episode 51: Building wealth and legacy with HBCU Wall Street co-founders, Jamerus Payton and Torrence Reed

Jamerus Payton and Torrence Reed are graduates of North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC and the co-founders of HBCU Wall Street.  They share a combined mission of being a solution for increasing economic opportunities and wealth in the black community, starting with our nation’s HBCU community.

Through live events, webinars, an online community and a growing social media following,  HBCU Wall Street provides audiences with tangible know-how and tools of empowerment to immediately put themselves in a better psychological and financial position.

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Episode 50: Compete every day with Chief Encouragement Officer, Jake Thompson

Compete every day. That’s Jake Thompson’s guiding philosophy, the mantra he repeats to himself when he needs to keep going. It’s also the name of his global lifestyle brand (of which he is founder and Chief Encouragement Officer) and the nugget of wisdom he shares with audiences around the world.

Pulling from his unique professional career, Jake tells enlivened stories through his podcast, “Better Than Yesterday,” and distills the art of competition into actionable tips people can use within their own lives: take control, don’t let fear guide you, be courageous, and press onward.

His focus is to motivate you and your team to make it happen, whatever it is. Because life, work, and passion?

That’s always worth competing for.

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Episode 49: How to win more business with Sandler sales trainer, Lauren Valentine


Lauren Valentine is a highly motivated professional with a passion for sales and business development. Using the Sandler tools she works with companies to grow their businesses through effective sales and management practices.

Lauren works with Sandler Training – the global leader in management, sales and customer service training and consulting.

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Episode 48: Make the Connection with LinkedIn Locksmith Robert “YB” Youngblood


Robert T. “YB” Youngblood is the Founder and Chief Connecting Officer of YBConnects, LLC, a Richmond, VA based Strategic Relationship & Referral Marketing Firm that helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals to enhance their confidence, credibility, and visibility which leads to increased brand awareness, referrals and revenue.

For over 15 years ‘YB’  has focused his energy on building long-term relationships. He has a unique way of helping people to decrease frustration when it comes to attracting opportunities. His positive attitude enhances his ability to help his clients to overcome challenges in the area of Communication, Leadership & Networking.

 YB holds a bachelor degree in business administration from Virginia Union University. He was born and raised in the Bronx, NY, and now resides in Richmond, VA with his wife and two daughters. In his time off, he loves to travel to warm places with palm trees.

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Episode 47: Know your worth with My Fab Finance founder, Tonya Rapley

The millennial money expert on why she enters every boardroom with the confidence of a mediocre white man

Tonya Rapley is a nationally recognized millennial money expert and founder of the award-winning site, My Fab Finance. She has graced the cover of Black Enterprise magazine and was deemed the “New Face of Wealth Building”. She was also selected as a Modern History Maker by TV One and has been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Women in Personal Finance on Twitter”. Her mission is to help millennial women break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and own their power. 
An engaging, relatable, and fun public speaker, Tonya has spoken at The New York Stock Exchange, Essence Fest, Bloomberg, The Taco Bell Foundation, PepsiCo, Fidelity and a host of colleges and universities across the country.

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Episode 46: How to become a great writer according to Thomas Golianopoulos

Free Lance writer shares the importance of telling your story

Thomas Golianopoulos is a writer and editor living in New York City. He has contributed to the New York Times, Grantland, BuzzFeed, Pitchfork, and the Ringer. 

He has profiled Eminem, pastor Joel Osteen and Dwight Howard. His investigative feature writing includes pieces on a federal sex slavery case, third party politics in presidential elections, the mysterious murder of a Hollywood actor gone awry, and the definitive story on Kobe Bryant’s rap career.

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Episode 45: Chase happiness with entrepreneur and civil rights activist, Michael Skolnik

The co-founder of The Soze Agency discusses happiness, equity, and white privilege

Michael Skolnik was recently profiled in the NY Times and identified as “the man you go to if you want to leverage the power of celebrity and the reach of digital media to soften the ground for social change.” But, besides all of that, he is most proud to be the father of Mateo Ali, a rambunctious four year old.

In his day job, he is the CEO of The Soze Agency, a social impact agency that partners with companies, non-profits, foundations and movements to create campaigns that uplift compassion, authenticity and equity. The Soze Agency is a worker’s owned cooperative.

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