Episode 53: Armando Hart- Turning failure into forward movement

“Ignore the voice in your head that wants to keep you comfortable.” – Armando Hart

Armando grew up in Long Beach California as first generation Mexican American in a low-income and high-crime environment.  After suffering a traumatic leg injury in 1996 that kept him sidelined at the Olympic games, The Hart Method training philosophy was created. Armando’s road to recovery made him aware of the connection between physical movement, environment, life, and the possibility to maximize performance on all those levels. Now as a world class trainer, speaker, and mentor, Armando’s work is to remove layers of social conditioning through movement for athletes of all levels and all individuals .



  • How being a 100 meter dash sprinter has helped Armando navigate life
  • How being a little crazy is necessary when perusing your goals
  • Why Armando looks forward to failure
  • Lessons Armando learned from training with Olympic great, Carl Lewis
  • The 8 maxims of the Hart Method and how you can apply them to your daily life
  • What motivated Armando to write his first book, “The Hart Method.”
  • Why sharing your authentic story so important
  • Armando shares his experience and lessons learned from training 3 time gold medalist, Misty May-Treanor
  • Why Armando wakes up at 4:15 am everyday- “it sets the tone of the day.”
  • and much more



The Hart Method: Discovering Your Joy, Power, and Freedom Through Movement, by Armando Hart




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