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Episode 26: Stir the pot with chef Alex Askew- a call for health and racial equity, black leadership, and real dialogue within the food and hospitality industry

In celebration of Black History month, Get on the Box is pleased to present Black Excellence: Sharing the stories of High Achievers.” In this month long series, GOTB will publish two episodes per week (Wednesday and Sunday)  highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of nine African American High Achievers.

“We gotta stir the pot or there’s going to be some stuff that burns at the bottom.”– Alex Askew

Today’s High Achiever is chef Alex Askew (@AlexAskew)

At 14 he received his first job offer as a personal chef through a high school vocational work program and after 6 years of working in a variety of restaurants in and out of New York City decided to attend the Culinary Institute of America and graduated in 1989.

With a focus on eating lifestyles and trends in new menu alternatives, he began food research, development, and consulting for companies; General Mills, Hilton Hotels, Aramark Corporation, Specialty Restaurants and a host of private clients. Alex has also created one of the most unique consortium of chefs under one group (ALS Culinary Concepts) for consulting in areas of menu development, R&D, start up operations, systems and controls, food manufacturing, business planning and concept reviews.

While working in restaurants that broadened his experience in different cooking styles as well as cuisines which included Cajun and Creole, Holistic, Latin and American fusion. In 1993 Alex Co-founded the BCAGlobal (formally Black Culinarian Alliance) which dedicates itself to Education, Awareness, and Exposure for young and professionals of color seeking career advancement within the culinary, hospitality, and foodservice industry. The organization has assisted students and professionals alike, through mentoring, networking, career development, and an overall focus on marketability and discipline, to reach their fullest potential and position themselves as industry leaders.

Alex has enjoyed guest appearances on Good Morning America, CBS Early Morning Show, and the Food Network. He was a 2001 Doctorate of Food service recipient from the North American Food service Equipment Manufacturers, a Distinguished Visited Chef (DVC) for Sullivan University, 2011 Business Leader of Year from the Marcella Brown Foundation, in May 2012 received the distinguished New York Institute of Technology Global Leadership Award and served on the American Culinary Federation as Board member Accreditation Commission. In 2014 Alex was Awarded 2014 National Kellogg Fellowship in Leadership and Racial Equity Healing. In 2018 through a National collective, Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community will be launched to focus on the importance of health equity in communities of color engaging chefs, food experts and agriculturalist as a coalition.

With over 25 years in the restaurant and hospitality field Alex continues his use of knowledge and experience as a foundation for further growth and development in the best industry in the world and continues the important social change work for the advancement of people of color in the culinary arts.


  • The motivation behind Alex’s decision to  form the minority culture society while attending the Culinary Institute of America 
  • The importance of investing in yourself before expecting others to 
  • How to develop a strong  mentorship program
  • How self care helps prevents burnout as a leader
  • The importance of being kind to yourself 
  • The benefits of mindful eating
  • The difference between equity and equality 
  • Key ingredients of effective leadership 
  • How to be an engaged listener
  • The need for real dialogue regarding health and racial equity
  • Why the black community needs to embrace collaboration
  • and so much more


“Everyone that mentored me did not look like me.

“We need to be kind to ourselves.

“Leaders don’t make followers, leaders make other leaders.

“What got us here won’t get us there,  burn the box!



Mindful Eating for The Beloved Community, essays curated by Alex Askew

The Culinary Institute of America

Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance



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