Welcome to Get on the Box, the home of Kito Delgado. We all have stories to tell, and here you will find inspiration taken from my life and the lives of others. I will highlight people through videos, blog posts or interviews I’ve conducted in order to share their stories of triumph. It could be someone who quit their day job to pursue a dream, or a person who, despite all of the odds, achieved something amazing. Every once in a while, I’ll reflect on things from my own life as well. Through the shared experiences of myself and others, I hope to help you find inspiration, joy and more laughter in your life. I would also hope that by reading my story and those of others, you are encouraged and inspired to do bigger and better things


Episode 63 : Brittany Wagner – “Last Chance U” star turned entrepreneur

Last Chance U academic adviser shares why she launched her company, Ten Thousand Pencils


Brittany Wagner is a nationally respected athletic academic counselor, life coach and motivational speaker. She garnered world-wide fame in 2016 as the television star of the hit Netflix documentary series, “Last Chance U”. Known for giving “troublemakers” their last chance at making it to the next level, Ms. Wagner was the vivacious, mentor and mother-figure to these young men – often times the driving factor behind their future successes. Wagner’s stardom has landed her interviews with ABC’s Nightline, The Dan Patrick Show, The Kidd Kraddick In the Morning Show, GQ, The New York Times and New York Daily News – to name a few. Her common question, “Do you have a pencil?” has become a phenomena across the world since the show’s debut.

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Episode 62 : How yoga saved the life of former NFL all-pro Linebacker, Keith Mitchell

NFL great shares how yoga helped him recover from a career ending injury 

Keith Mitchell, Master Certified Yoga Instructor, and former NFL all-pro Linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars, turned to Yoga after a paralyzing tackle caused a spinal injury that ended his football career and forced him into the agony of early retirement at only 31 years old.  In his darkest hour, Keith discovered conscious breathing, yoga, and meditation.  As a result, he not only found healing but a whole new outlook on life.

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Episode 61 : Treehouse founder Ryan Carson- How coding allows you to create anything

CEO shares how Treehouse is helping create equal access to technology

Ryan Carson is the founder and CEO of Treehouse.  Treehouse’s mission is to bring affordable technology education to people everywhere in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.  

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Episode 60 : Alissa Carpenter -How to manage a multi-generational workforce

Workforce Expert shares how employers can keep millennials engaged at the workplace



I can do more, I can be more, I can share more!


Alissa Carpenter founded Everything’s Not OK and That’s OK after 13 years in higher education. She is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and has been featured on ABC7, CBS6, WBFF, PHL17, NPR, and quoted in multiple media outlets including CNN Money and Moneyish. She was also a Forbes contributor where she focused on how millennials can launch to the next phase of their career.  Alissa offers professional development and speaking engagements to companies, and individuals across the country looking to fully enhance communication and identify strengths in their multi generational workforce.

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Episode 59 – Kenneth Graham is on a mission to serve others

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Educator, Community Advocate, and Entrepreneur shares how his mother taught him the gift of service.



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I started asking God, what  are the gifts that I have so that I can help people?


Kenneth Graham, M.A. is a Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Educator, Community Advocate, and established Entrepreneur. Kenny Graham, as he is better known, continues to be exceptional within his line of work, inspiring and impacting others through his creative style and empowering messages. His words continue to impact thousands of people in various countries throughout the planet! Through social media and his unique teaching style, “Kenny Graham” is making a mark that no one will be able to erase! 

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Episode 58 – Get to know the 19th President of Union College, Dr. David R. Harris

Union College’s first African-American President shares his thoughts on leadership, equal access to education, work life balance, and his love for cycling.



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David R. Harris, Ph.D., a sociologist with a distinguished record as an innovative teacher, scholar and administrator, became the 19th president of Union College on July 1, 2018.

Most recently, he was chief academic officer at Tufts University. During his tenure, he led the creation of a strategic plan, from which emerged a program to encourage students to perform a year of service before college, and Bridge Professorships, which span two or more schools to advance research and teaching on complex issues.

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Episode 57 – How leaders can turn moments into movements with Terri Broussard Williams

Terri believes leaders turn moments into movements, and if community service were a gene, she inherited it from generations before her who had an unrelenting need to give to others.

Throughout her accomplished career, Terri has turned public and community service into a professional art form that has positively impacted millions of lives.

Terri has found a home with the American Heart Association, realizing her dream of creating significant, community-shifting outcomes. She counts some of the most significant pieces of legislation passed as  her biggest accomplishments, including The Louisiana Smoke-Free Air Act, one of the biggest defining moments in her career at the age of 28.

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Episode 56 – Turning tragedy into service with I Got U founder, Walter Boldish

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Father shares how the death of his daughter gave birth to the I Got U brand

Walter Boldish believes that in all of us lies the potential to become better people, better families, better communities, and a better world. 

It is from this belief that I GOT U was born. It’s a clear way to define and spread the attitude of lending a hand, lifting someone up, trusting a friend, or believing in a stranger that cares.

People who wear the I GOT U brand represent doing the right thing in the most courageous situations in life as well as doing the right thing in the most routine walks of everyday life. 

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Episode 54 with Daron K. Roberts- How to transition into a career you love

Let his pivot from Harvard Law to NFL coach inspire your transition

Daron K. Roberts is a former NFL coach and author of  Amazon best seller, “Call an Audible.”  After graduating from Harvard Law School, Roberts made a head-scratching transition to NFL coach.  He held coaching stints with the Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, West Virginia Mountaineers and Cleveland Browns. 

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Currently, Roberts serves as founding director of the Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation (CSLi) at the University of TexasThe Center is the first university-based institute dedicated to developing leadership and character curricula for high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Through the Center, Roberts teaches a course – A Gameplan for Winning at Life– to incoming freshmen student-athletes. In January of 2018, the Center received the commitment and financial support of NBA AllStar, Kevin Durant.

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